Thanatology Review

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Volume 24

Number 3 · 2020

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The lived experience of dying through the mirror of interpretative phenomenological analysis

Abstract · The present study demonstrates a special context of the end of life. We try to answer questions that probably all of us ask: how can a human being relate to dying, to his own or his beloved ones’ impending death. Dying as a subjective life event is one of the most personal experiences, not only for the dying person, but for his beloved ones, too. The question which arises when exploring this deeply subjective experience is if it is worth thinking about it in the context of psychology, of philosophy or possibly in both of them. While searching for answers we are going to show results interpreted by the phenomenological approach, in the cross-section of psychology.


pszichológus, mentálhigiénés szakember

On the trails of death awareness I.: Relations between fear of death and the meaning of life

Abstract · Present study introduces the research aiming to explore the relations of meaning of life, coping competeneces and the fear of death as a next step of our initial research on death awareness presented at Kharon in 2017. In this phase the associations were assessed with the Meaning of Life (MLQ), the Psychological Immune Competence Inventory (PIK) and the Multidimensional Fear of Death Scale (MFODS) in a sample of 249 (39 male, 210 female). Significant correlations were found rearding the dimensions of fear of death and the presensce of meaning (MLQ-P) and search for meaning (MLQ-S) subscales. We have found outstanding relations by grouping variables which results raise exciting dialog on death awareness as well as reflect our experiences stem from our death – and as related the meaning of life group discussions and workshops. The necessity of providing mortality salience focused programs are enhanced by these results, as they also provide input for the finetuning of the themes.