Thanatology Review

Electronic Journal

Volume 21

Number 1 · 2017


Original article

Viktória Michnai · Peculiarities of the work of psychologists working with cancer patients in home care services

Dr. Henriett Hirdi, Miklós Lukács, Ildikó Tóthné Bucsek, Judit Schaffer, Anita Majerné Horváth and Dr. Zoltán Balogh · Living and working conditions of people working in home care services and hospice care on the basis of a national survey

Short article

Attila Raschka Nathan · The Customs of Grief and Care of the Dying in a Village of Today

Dr. András Zelena · Open Day at the Crematorium after a Taboo is Refuted on the Internet

Katalin Munk · Kharon: Impact assessment of our online update (2016-2017)

Book review

Péter Esterházy · Pancreas Diary (Dr. András Zelena)