Thanatology Review

Electronic Journal


Volume 18

Number 4 · 2014

Original article


egyetemi tanársegéd

Social work in hospice care 2.

- Education, most common tasks, professional support

Abstract · This study attempts to summarize the most important results of a research carried out among social workers in hospice palliative care, in respect of their education, their most common tasks and their professional support in the Southern Transdanubian region of Hungary. The research was based on semi structured interviews and their content analysis as research methods. Regarding the results, it is obvious that professional support and education of the helpers is essential in order to provide effective help, support long-term commitment and avoid burnout. Furthermore, it is an important result that the overload of social workers in the hospice team is considered normal, the tasks of the specialists are barely known, therefore, specialists rarely have the opportunity to use their various competences and show their diversity.