Thanatology Review

Electronic Journal


Volume 17

Number 2 · 2013




Taboos, misconceptions, difficulties – experts about hospice Part 2.

Interview with Dr. Katalin Hegedűs, professor at the University of Semmelweis, leader member of the Hungarian Hospice Palliative Association

Abstract · During my three-part interview I spoke to experts who have been working at the different fields of hospice care for years or decades about the present state of service, existing problems and difficulties, and also about the attitude of society. The aim of the interviews was to get an overall picture from the expert’s aspect and compare their points of view and opinions on hospice care, its present state and how they see it. During the conversation I put special emphasis on the still prevalent question of taboos and misconceptions. My second interviewee is Dr. Katalin Hegedűs, who is a prominent person in the hospice movement in Hungary, the writer of numerous books and studies, working for the University of Semmelweis, an associate professor and member of the Board of the Hungarian Hospice – Palliative Association. You can read my interview with her below.