Thanatology Review

Electronic Journal


Volume 15

Number 2-3 · 2011




The Phenomenon of Death at the Benedictines

Abstract · Death is permanent. Death is inevitable. When it is approaching, then all concerned in it, dying and loved ones must acknowledge it, and when it occurs, with some delay it reaches our consciousness. Death is undoubtedly an enormous challenge emotionally, and we tend to react to it differently, just like in the case of any other problem. Our reaction may be affected by our age, education, culture and religion, and by the strategy we choose to tackle difficulties.

My present work was made in my former high school, at the Benedictine High School of Pannonhalma, run by the Order of Saint Benedict, with the purpose of revealing how the members of the Benedictine Order, living committed to Roman Catholic faith with a monastic spirit, understand the phenomenon of death.

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